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Reunion of St. Elie (St. Elijah) pioneer women in Lennard Manitoba, 1938

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This site is a collecting place for all historic information, documents and scholarship concerning the Bucovinian pioneers of the Lennard Manitoba region. If you think something is missing, send it to us!

Dig into those boxes of old snapshots, letters, books, super 8 films and see if they hold some historic gems that might expand our understanding of the Bucovinian pioneers and their descendants. If you do find something you think might add to this archive we encourage you make a contribution to the Museum or Web site.

To make a contribution:

  1. Start by taking a minute to read the General Guidelines below;
  2. Then use the easy-to-fill-out form to describe for us what you would like to contribute;
  3. The Museum will contact you for further information if necessary;
  4. If there is a good fit, we will communicate the options for sending your contribution to the Museum;
  5. Finally, your materials will be integrated into the Web site or Museum.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to contribute content to the Museum and Web site!

Please note: see the Donate page if you wish to contribute financially to the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum.

Contribute Form

"I have something that I think would contribute to the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum's collection or Web site."

(note: **all fields must be filled out) (note: See Guidlines below)


General guidelines
for contributions

Please read the following guidelines carefully:

1. Specifically Related to the Bucovinian Pioneers of Lennard, Manitoba

The materials must be specifically related to the Bucovinian pioneers of the Lennard, Manitoba region, their lifestyle, events, ancestors, etc., or those which further our understanding of this group.

2. Respect the time Period: Early Nineteenth Century - Before Assimilation

Our main focus is on earlier archival materials, from the beginning of the the 19th century, before the pioneer immigrants were significantly assimilated into the dominant North American culture. (For example early photographs of life on the farm, a hand forged kitchen knife or an audio recording of your great grandmother talking about the old days).

3. Time Period Exceptions: 1920-1990 - The Old Shown with the New

We are also very interested in materials showing the juxtaposition of the ways brought from the old country and new ways adopted in Canada. This is in order to gain insight into how this transition happened. (For example a photograph from the 1960s of a couple in fancy city clothes standing proudly beside a car, but behind them is a rural Manitoba farm yard that is obviously still close to the subsistence peasant lifestyle of the subjects' Bucovinian ancestors.)

4. Artifacts Must Be Proposed in Writing

Please do not send or drop off any artifacts (ex. furniture, farm implements, tools, etc.) without first contacting us. The St. Elijah Pioneer Museum has very limited physical space to display artifacts. However, there are a few items that would add greatly to the Museum's collection – see our Wish List in the side bar. If you have any of these please contact us. That said, if you do have something special that you feel would add to the Museum, we would be more than happy to hear more about it.

5. Concerning History and Interpretation

Interpretive writing by students, scholars and amateur historians, especially related to vernacular architecture, peasant/pioneer lifestyles, culture, assimilation, historic events, and church iconography and rituals is encouraged, again, if it somehow deepens our understanding of the Bucovinian pioneers of the Lennard, Manitoba region.

6. Legal Agreement

In contributing historic documents, artifacts and scholarship the following agreement must be agreed upon: I give the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum the right to reproduce materials I contribute on their Web site and in promotional materials, as well as to be used in historic research projects sponsored by or approved by the Museum; The materials I contribute will not be used without my written permission for any other purpose except for the Museum Web site and promotional materials, as well as historic research projects sponsored or approved by the Museum; I give the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum the right to respectfully crop and edit the materials I have contributed in order to fit them into formats deemed to be best by the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum; The St. Elijah Pioneer Museum will do its best to incorporate your materials in the site in a timely fashion. However I understand that St. Elijah Pioneer Museum is under no obligation to use the materials I contribute to the Museum, and this without any formal justification; The Museum may take as long as necessary to put contributions in the Museum or on the Web site; I may request at any time that any materials I have contributed be removed from the St. Elijah. Web site, that they not be used in future promotional materials and historic research projects. The Museum will comply to this request. But will not be obliged to remove the materials contributed from existing promotional materials or historic research projects.