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Where Money Grew on Trees: A History of the Romanian Pioneers of Lennard Manitoba

by John Goodes

Price: $20.00 CAN

(Proceeds go toward supporting the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum)

Product Description

Now in its 4th printing Where Money Grew on Trees is an intimate portrait of 100 years of Romanian ancestry in and around the small rural village of Lennard, Manitoba. From the pioneers' grueling passage and homesteading years, to the building and lurking dissolution of a community, this is the story of transitions and traditions, economic changes and shifting identities, survival and adaptation.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION and analysis puts historical events in context, but it's the details that bring the story to life: the names of the people, the odours of the food, the fickle weather, the lost art of subsistence living, faith, farming and festivals, life and death.

For the descendants of these Romanian pioneers, Where Money Grew on Trees is the first comprehensive history ever written on their forebears. But it is also a true people's history, a vivid record of how peasant immigrants adapted, survived and contributed to shaping the Canadian rural landscape.

WRITTEN FROM oral accounts and archival research, the book also includes a brief history of Romania and the Voloca region.

Product Details

Description: Soft cover, black and white illustrations, 212 pages.
Publisher: St. Elijah Pioneer Museum, 4th printing, 2008.

About the Author

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Risipirea: Cronica Bucovineana - cover

Risipirea: Cronică Bucovineană (A Chronicle of Bucovina)

by Corneliu Florea

Price: $20.00 CAN

(Proceeds go toward supporting the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum)

Product Description

This Romanian-language historical novel is a gripping account of the lives of ordinary people caught in the middle of conflicts between powers from outside the environs of Bucovina, and the sadness that they experienced when their homeland was again severed during World War II. It contains significant reference to the community of pioneers who migrated from Bucovina to Manitoba at the turn of the century.

Risipirea: Cronică Bucovineană (A Chronicle of Bucovina) is written in a story-telling style, yet is full of recorded historical information. The easy to read book (if you read Romanian) follows two streams of events taking place in Europe, with occasional detours to the Bucovinian settlers in Canada. The title >Risipirea as a metaphor for the geopolitical disintegration of the region of Bucovina between 1775 and 1943. Risipirea translates to "crumbling," or "falling apart."

The story begins with a family in Ostritsa (a Bucovinian village) headed by Petru Ostritsan. Petru, who has a larger than average land holding, Click here for more/less...

Product Details

Description: Soft cover, 255 pages.
Publisher: Editura Aletheia Bistriţa, 2009.

About the Author

Dr. Dumitru Padeanu, a retired Winnipeg physician, originally from Timisoara, Romania, presented St. Elijah Pioneer Museum with a number of copies of this his latest book. Dr. Padeanu, writes under the pen-name Corneliu Florea. Since 1987, he has published 10 essays and books all of which express social and politcial criticism.



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Detail of the St. Elijah Orthodox Church Print

Detail of the St. Elijah Orthodox Church Print

Detail of the St. Elijah Orthodox Church Print

St. Elijah Orthodox Church, 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Print

by John Morrall

Dimensions: 76cm X 88 cm.
Price: Unframed - $100.00 CDN (shipped flat) / *Framed - $175.00

(*Framed print comes with a $100.00 receipt for Canadian income tax purposes. All proceeds go towards St. Elijah Cemetery Fund. )

Product Description

This beautifully rendered limited edition print (300) was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the St. Elijah Parish in Lennard, Manitoba in 2003 and to support the St. Elijah Pioneer Cemetery. St. Elijah Church Museum and the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum and Cemetery are significant cultural and social points for members of the community, tourists, and descendents of the Bucovinian immigrant pioneers who founded the parish over 100 years ago.

The central image is the "new" church, constructed in 1952, which is still in use. The two inserts show the restored buildings which are part of the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum: at the bottom, the original pioneer church built in 1908 and at the top the Paulencu house built in 1906. Both are now designated Manitoba Heritage sites.

The limited edition lithographic print was created by Manitoba print maker John Morrall. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. The artful black and white line of the drawing accurately captures every detail of the buildings, while creating a pleasing effect of form and texture.

The print is available unframed or framed (with a double mat and back lacquered wooden frame). It is appropriate for hanging in both home or office settings.

Product Details

Description: Limited edition (300) black and white lithograph, on acid free paper (framed or unframed) 76 cm X 88 cm.

Publisher: St. Elijah Pioneer Museum, 2004.

NOTE: The prints are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is impossible to request a specific number in the series.

About the Artist

John Morrall studied commercial art and illustration and has been producing art since the 1970s, utilizing all media. John lives in Roblin, MB.