The Paulencu Pioneer House

Historic Photographs and Documents

Below you will see historical photographs and print documents related to the Paulencu house, including a very rare wedding photo taken in 1929 with all those in attendance identified. Here is a list of what you will find below:

The St. Elijah Pioneer Museum thanks all those who have contributed these materials. We would also request that anyone who may have additional photographic records or other documents and information related to the Paulencu House to please contact us at .


Paulencu Wedding Photo Thumbnail

Jim Paulencu and Pearl Washnuk's Wedding Photos in front of the Paulencu House with overlay showing names, October 1929. [explore the photos]

These two photographs of Jim Paulencu and Pearl Washnuk's Wedding were sent to the museum by the couple's grandson, Rob White, in April of 1999.

Rob visited his grandfather in March of 1999 (he was 92 years old) and had him tell the names of the people in the photograph. To record the names, Rob White drew outlines of the people in one photo and wrote the names his grandfather had told him. In the photo gallery you will see his drawing overlaid on the photograph. It should be noted that the spelling of the names was done by sound and may be incorrect.

Rob White included the following notes in his correspondence: "My grandfather is the last Paulencko left. His brother Pete died in the Winnipeg hospital last year [1998]. The house was originally built without the upstairs window, but was added as the family expanded. Grandpa's mother was already dead at the time of the photo, therefore she is not there. His parents' graves are in the old cemetery."

Domnica Paulencu, 1931

Other Historic Family Photos [launch gallery]

This section will grow but for now there are two wonderful photos of Dominica Paulencu and other women family members. One photo shows five generations.


Other Historic House Photos [launch gallery]

gallery includes...

  • Unidentified series of miniature polaroid photos of Paulencu house on original location in winter.
  • Paulencu House on its original location 1992.
Paulencu House Ceremonies Thumbnail

Paulencu House Ceremonies [launch gallery]

gallery includes...

  • Blessing of the Paulencu House Museum Site at the 90th Anniversary, St. Elijah Orthodox Church. October 7, 1993.
  • Official Unveiling of the Manitoba Heritage Council Plaque. Sunday, July 22, 2001 .

Print Documents

Paulencu Family Histories


Newspaper Articles on the Paulencu House [view PDF]

pdf includes...

  • "Paulencu house makes historic move to new site", Ed Doering, The Roblin Review, n.d., 2 pgs.
  • "New Lease on life", Darlene Polachic, Western People, June 26th, 1997, p. 10-11.
  • "MCH [Manitoba Heritage Council] Plaque dedicated at the Paulencu Farm House, The Roblin Review, no author (Ed Doering?), Tuesday, July 31, 2001. p. 7
  • "Only surviving Romanian folk-house in Manitoba", The St. Elijah Pioneer Dhurch Museum Committee, The Russell Banner, Tuesday, July 15, 2003, p. 4.

Paulencu House Information Pamphlets [view pdf]

pdf includes...

  • Early Pamphlet for Paulencu Pioneer House created by the St. Elijah Pioneer Museum. c. 199?. 4 pages.
    Includes brief write-ups on hos the house was preserved, future plans, history of local pioneers and family life in the cottage.
  • "John Paulencu Romanian Folk-house", Technical fiche, Manitoba Heritage, c. 199?, p.74.
    Includes following information: Site Location, Owner, Designation and Significance.

Paulencu House Restoration Technical Documents [launch pdf]

pdf includes...

  • Hand-Drawn Floor Plan from memory showing placement of furniture in rooms, by Jim Paulencu (who was born in the house). c. 199?. 1 p.
  • Hand-Drawn Technical Drawings for Paulencu House Site Preparation by Victor Goods. c. 199?. 3 p.